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harvest of praise

Psalm 9:1

harvest for hope resources

For many of us harvest conjures up pictures of great mounds of fruit and veg piles on the stage in school assemblies or stacked up at the front of a church harvest service. It's a time to give thanks and celebrate the abundance of God’s creation. Traditionally a great harvest gave hope for a plentiful winter. Sadly today there are far too many whose cupboards are bare and who have little hope even for the next meal. Thankfully those of us who have more than enough can share this harvest so that those in need can share in our hope.


Hope Nottingham could not operate without the support of local individuals and organisations with events like Harvest collections and for this, we



 We want your support of us as easy as possible so please feel free to download and use any of the pre-prepared resources below.

If there is something you need which isn't there, please get in touch here.

thank you

Image by Kelly Sikkema

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