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our supporter promise

Hope Nottingham could not exist without the support of people like you and we are truly grateful that you have faith in us to make a difference in local communities around Nottingham.  For this reason, whether you have donated food, funds, or services to us,  fundraised on our behalf, worked or volunteered with us, we are committed to respecting your support in line with our Vision, Mission and Values.

Our Vision and Mission

We promise that we will always be guided by out vision to 'inspire and grow lcal communities of hope' where local people are enabled to support those in need, providing resources, spiritual direction and reducing loneliness.


Building our vision of 'Inspiring and Growing Communities of Hope' is at the heart of all we do and we couldn't achieve this without your support.  We love to share stories and photos of local supporters in our newsletters, website, annual reports, and in traditional and social media.  We want you to feel part of the Hope community and appreciated for the difference that your support has made to our work, but we will always ask before sharing your support publicly and will respect your wishes. Please contact us here.


We will always treat you with care and openness, listening to your views and wishes. We hope you will be interested in our work and will want to hear from us and we will endeavour to be clear in our communications to you. If you would rather us not contact you via a certain way, or not at all, please tell us and we will respect this.

You can also change your mind at any time about communications with us.

We would never put anyone under pressure to make or continue their support and we understand that people's circumstances change.

Working Together

We are committed to helping you in your support of us by providing resources

and relevant information where we can.

We work with a variety of individuals and organisations to carry out our work.

We promise to carry out any necessary due diligence checks to ensure those we work with have similar values and support our vision and mission. This can include having Memorandums of Understanding or Service Level Agreements with our partners and we commit to keeping these under review.  We are committed to acting quickly and decisively if someone we are working with does not meet the high standards that we expect in the delivery of our work.

We also promise to keep you and the wider public informed about our work and updated on any developments to it.


Fundraising is essential to our work and we are always reviewing our practices as we want them to be ethical, appropriate and transparent. 

  • We do not employ professional fundraisers and we do our best to ensure our volunteer fundraisers are trained, respectful, non-judgmental and sensitive to anyone who may be vulnerable whether by age or any other factor. 

  • We will never exploit anyone or act in a way to bring harm. Anyone fundraising or volunteering under the age of 16 will require parental or carer consent. All staff are trained in our Safeguarding Policy and we have a dedicated Safeguarding Lead and Deputy. 

  • You can count on us to be transparent and accountable to you in terms of where funds are being used and where appropriate funds will be placed in restricted accounts to be used only for specific purposes and we can ensure an audit trail for them.

Our use of your personal data

  • We use a trusted supporter database and supplier to keep your data safe and help deliver our communications to you. We'll do our very best to only contact you in the ways you've agreed to.

  • We respect your privacy rights and adhere to the GDPR regulations.

  • We will never sell your personal data to third parties or swap them for marketing purposes.


Positive Change

Regardless of the level of support, will always value the time, funds, skills or resources you give to us, aiming to use them to the best effect for our guests and users of our services. We make every effort to keep administration costs to a minimum, but are committed to operating Hope Nottingham to a high standard in line with all regulations and to deliver quality services.  We are happy to answer any queries about our work, including offering visits to our services and opportunities to meet with our team. 


On occasion we may feel it necessary to turn down a donation or certain support if we feel it would be a conflict of interest or have potential implications for our reputation.

We will always explain why if this is necessary and be respectful and discreet.


We are committed to listening to and learning from all the feedback we receive.

You can contact us with any concerns about the way we work or your experience supporting us and we will respond honestly in line with our

Compliments, Concerns and Complaints policy 

We will always apologise for any mistakes and work to fix them.

Thank you for choosing to support Hope Nottingham.

Your kindness and generosity helps us lift local people from crisis to hope.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

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