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“None of us want to be doing this.

None of us think it’s right that anyone is going to a food bank,” 

emma revie
ceo, trussell trust

becoming a foodbank referrer

Hope Nottingham holds the Trussell Trust East & West Nottingham Foodbank franchise and operates their robust referral system.  Through this partnership, we are committed to ensuring that:

- anyone in need of emergency food can be referred quickly and to the nearest location for them;

- those in crisis are treated with dignity, compassion and sensitivity to their needs;

- we are good stewards of the food donated by the public;

- we will work to address the root causes of crisis to reduce the need for foodbanks.

For these reasons we partner with hundreds of professionals across the city, ensuring they are best placed to identify and support those in need. Each referrer is required to commit to our Shared Vision Agreement and follow the principles of good referral. These are detailed in our 

Referral Agency Handbook

If you are interested in becoming a referrer, please first consider whether there are other agencies already registered who are better suited or will refer more regularly. Details of these can be found here

Following this, if you would still like to be considered to be registered as a referral agent,

please contact us at

Please note we can only register individuals who are connected to registered organisations

(with their own website), who are providing direct services, and referrers must provide an organisational email address. We are unable to set up referrrers who are using personal addresses, or 

those including gmail, hotmail or similar.


Image by Kelly Sikkema

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