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in the world.

mahatma ghandi

fundraising ideas 

We are always touched by the amazing ideas local people have for fundraising to support the work of Hope Nottingham.  Anyone can use their skills, hobbies or free time to help lift local people from crisis to Hope. 


If you are fundraising in a workplace or as part of a business please also see our Corporate Support page or if you are in education and wish to support please see our Schools, Colleges and Universities page.

Bake sale


give something up & donate the savings

running or sports event



hold a


donate loose or foreign coin

put on a show or concert

get a crazy haircut

fundraise in lieu of gifts

hold a quiz


a few of our fundraisers

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Please help Hope Nottingham lift people from crisis to hope by donating now

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we urgently need additional volunteer van drivers

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