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Helping Hands

Volunteering is at the very core of being a human.

No one has made it through life without someone else's help.

Heather French Henry

Empowering Volunteers

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At the heart of Hope Nottingham's vision to 'inspire and grow communities of Hope' is our support and empowerment of individuals to make a difference in their local communities.  Hope Nottingham itself started with our founder Nigel Adams volunteering his time, which became a catalyst for others to also get involved. All of our Foodbanks were set up and continue to be led and supported by local volunteer teams, as do many of our activities at both Hope House in Beeston and Carlton Community Hub.


You can view our current volunteer vacancies here

the benefits of Volunteering

make a difference

Hope Nottingham's mission is to inspire and empower individuals to make a difference in their local communities by volunteering

with others

Volunteering at Hope enables you to meet many different people of all backgrounds, working alongside or supporting them

share your skills & experience

Whether your skill is organising, making people feel at ease, driving, admin, cooking or a professional skill, get in touch  

learn new skills

From building confidence to learning entirely new things or perspectives, Hope offers great personal development 

help build community

Hope Nottingham is one big community made up of lots of communities of volunteer projects, each playing a part

benefit your own wellbeing

Volunteering has proven positive impacts on mental and physcial wellbeing. It can bring meaning and purpose, relieve stress and increase esteem and wellbeing.

make new friends

Many of our volunteers have benefited from making long term friendships through their involvement with Hope

have fun

Whilst we cannot deny that our work involves supporting those in crisis and encountering upsetting scenarios, as a team we are supportive and always aim to lift each other and our guests up

Our volunteer teams

WHAT our volunteers SAY


'Team members were really good to work with.  I felt volunteering was a worthwhile thing to do, helping guests and serving the local community'

Senior Woman


'It's probably the most constructive and fulfilling thing I do each week'

office 'angel'

'I enjoy putting my faith into action in a meaningful way'

Portrait of a Woman

Bilborough foodbank volunteer

'Our aim for every shift is to turn the frowns that come through the door upside down'

acts 435 

' I'm not particularly religious but Hope is a bunch of enthusiasts, generous with their time who like to give to the local community. Volunteering is my way of giving a little to help others'

Man with Beard

job club

'We meet such an interesting mix of people who are needing help applying for jobs and we endeavour to serve them using our experience'

Youth wellbeing
cafe volunteer

'I've volunteered with Hope for 9 years in many youth projects...the Wellbeing Cafe is the most well behaved....We are creating a safe place for all, even the least confident'

group volunteer

'I get a great deal of satisfaction from helping people and enjoy all the friendships I have here.'


'It’s a place where I can help doing things with values that I approve of.'

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Please help Hope Nottingham lift people from crisis to hope by donating now

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