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Hope Nottingham offers a variety of opportunities to welcome individuals into our community to help them build confidence and skills.  These include literacy and ESOL groups, Job Clubs, computer support as well as a variety of volunteering activities, such as Foodbank, supporting our cafe, allotment, gardening or helping with administration in our office.

£15 Gift of Confidence

  • What happens when you purchase your gift:

    • You'll receive an email receipt from our online shop. If you’ve also bought something else at the same time, you’ll get another email when that’s been sent to you.
    • Your email receipt will include a link to your digital gift certificate download. You can choose to print-at-home and personalise it, or to send the image by email.

    Please note: your gift is an example of the services, care and compassion which we provide to local people in need and how your money could be used. Your generous gift will help fund our work and your donation will be spent wherever the need is greatest.

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we urgently need additional volunteer van drivers

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