Hope On The Streets

What is HOTS?

“HOTS” stands for “Hope on the Streets” or “Healing on the Streets.” HOTS is a growing movement of Christians, from all church backgrounds, who believe that God is calling the church to meet with people in need, right where they are – on the streets of our local towns. HOTS is about letting people know that God’s love is available to all. Every week, you will find trained Christians offering prayer for people’s health, emotional and social problems. Hope on the Streets is happening in several areas of Nottingham including Beeston, Stapleford, Mapperley and the city centre.

HOTS NG9 launched in July 2010 and is committed to being a blessing to the local community of Beeston by offering prayer every Saturday 11-12.30pm on the Beeston High Rd. With our characteristic banner and chairs we are hard to miss! We believe that God can heal people.  We have prayed with many individuals for all kinds of reasons – there is nothing beyond God’s power.

HOTS is not intended to replace or substitute for medical treatment and we strongly encourage you to seek medical treatments alongside any prayer for healing.

Have you been prayed for?

If you have been healed

We want you to know it’s God’s power that did this, not ours! This is why we do not accept any money or donations for what we do.

There are a number of things you should do now…

  • If you are on medication do stay on it, under no circumstances should you stop doing anything a medical professional or counsellor has advised. We are not medically trained, so please confirm what has happened by going to see them, and then take their advice. It’s great to hear a doctor tell you that you received a miracle.
  • Tell people what God has done. We’d be happy to pray for them too, no matter what their condition or sickness, because nothing is impossible for God!
  • Encourage us by letting us know. We’ll be on the streets at the same time next week or you can phone or send an email/phone number/contact details

If you are not aware of any change in your condition

Sometimes it is clear you have not been healed. Don’t despair, we get many people who are not healed instantly, but recover over time, which is just as much of a miracle. God loves you and He always responds to prayer, sometimes in ways we don’t expect. So…

  • Do talk to God.
  • If there is some improvement, but not a total improvement, we’d love to pray for you again, you can come as many times as you like.
  • If there is no improvement at all after a week or two, then we will pray again (and again) if you like. We do not know why, but sometimes God’s healing only happens after several times of prayer.

God wants to give you more than just healing. But He’ll wait for you to take the next step.

We’ll be on the streets at the same time next week. You can talk to us or friends who are Christians. The booklet, “Why Jesus?” will also tell you more.


HOTS NG9 wants to work positively with the our partners in Beeston and we welcome all feedback. We are part of a national HOTS network and work within a clear framework. We are accountable to Hope Nottingham. If you have something you’d like to ask or tell us please contact us.